Kenji Ogata Sensei

Soushinkan Kendo Dojo were pleased to welcome Kenji Ogata Sensei to our dojo and practice sessions during his short visit to the UK in 2016

Ogata Sensei holds the rank of 7th Dan, and comes from a strong family line of Kendo practitioners, his father was also a 7th Dan in Kendo.

For over 15 years Ogata Sensei was the head teacher of the Kendo club at the University of Fukuoka in Kyushu.

Ogata Sensei also practiced at Soushinkan Kendo Dojo where he first met Whiteman Sensei and they became firm friends.

During his time Ogata Sensei attended 3 practice sessions, Sunday 29th May at Tsubaki Dojo. Wednesday 1st June at Soushinkan Dojo, and again on Friday 3rd June at Soushinkan Dojo

Many Kendoka from various Dojo attended for these practice sessions.